Profile of people who are homeless...

526 homeless individuals

44 adults with families

52 children in families

Incomplete Picture...

  • Turned away by shelters
  • Did not seek shelter
  • Those in other "precarious" housing situations
  • Living "doubled-up"


Contributing Causes

5 out of 10 adults cite either a disabling physical or mental health condition

4 out of 10 adults in families cite actual or threatened physical abuse

5 out of 10 adults with children cite rent problems or eviction


Impact of the high cost of housing...


To pay 30% or less of its income on housing, each houseled must earn:

$34.83/hr. Or $72,400/yr.

Minimum Wage:

$34.83/hr. Or $72,400/yr.

Hours per week:
Minimum wage earners:

4 out of 10 were having their first experience with homelessness

3 out of 10 were families with children

3 out of 10 adults in families were earning income from employment

6 out of 10 had at least a high school education

2 out of 10 had some technical, college or graduate school education

3 out of 10 were eating one meal a day or less


4 out of 10 adults suffered from chronic health condition such as arthritis, diabetes or cancer

1 out of 10 was a veteran