Did you know that the daily cost of running the emergency shelter is approximately $5,000 and only about half of this is covered by public funds. The balance, about $2,500/day (or about $1MM/yr.), comes from private donors who want to ensure clients have a safe place to go and nutritious meals to eat.

With tough economic times, we applaud and thank our donors who have helped support the shelter with their dollars, time and dedication.

Your gift can make a difference with the Adopt-a-Day program. 

Community groups, religious organizations (churches, synagogues, etc.), individuals, families, schools, etc. can adopt a date(s) for $2,500/day. 

Pick the date(s) of your choice – perhaps to honor a person’s birthday or special event, etc. – and make your donation at any point during the year.  

Adopt-a-Day today, and know that on the date of your choice, Pacific House will operate thanks to your generosity.


Adopt-A-Day Participating Organizations

Thanks to Sarah and Gerard Zopfi, clients will have what they need on July 26, 2019 to continue to move forward in their journeys out of homelessness.

Pat Phillips, co-founder of the shelter, adopts the shelter to honor her husband Bob's birthday on July 15, 2019. Thanks, Pat!

To celebrate their May 17, 2019 birthdays, Joan and Spencer are ensuring clients at Pacific House have what they need. Thank you!

Longtime supporters First Congregational Church of Stamford and their Women's Fellowship generously adopt December 24, 2018!

Rev. Brown was a co-founder of the shelter and on November, 9, 2018, volunteer Jim Duffy honors Gary's vision that became Pacific House!

Fred was a familair sight and popular volunteer at the shelter for years, and Joan keeps honors his birthday by adopting the shelter on November 7, 2018.

The Arovas make sure that on October 29, 2018, clients are assured a safe place to stay, access to medical care and programs, plus meals on their adopted day. Thank you!

The Zopfi family generously adopts July 26, 2018 to help our clients move forward in a positive direction!

Client support on May 17, 2018 courtesy of the generosity of Joan Weisman and Spencer Wallin- Thank you both for caring!

Pat Phillips shares her birthday celebration by adopting March 17, 2018 - many thanks Pat for all she does for our clients!

First Congregational Church Stamford generously provides for clients on December 24, 2017. Thank you to a wonderful congregation.

Thank you Joan for your adopt-a-day generosity on November 7, 2017!

The Zopfi Family adopts our clients on July 26, 2017 in thanks for their own home!

July 15, 2017 is Robert Phillips' birthday and to celebrate Patricia adopted this day at Pacific House! Thank you both for your support!

June 24, 2017 is adopted by Pat Phillips to honor Lora Phillips Gray!

June 9, 2017 is adopted by Pat Phillips to honor Graham Phillips!

Joan celebrates her May 17, 2017 birthday with a gift to the shelter!

In honor of DeAnne's father the Calcagninis adopt May 8, 2017

Pat celebrates her birthday by adopting our clients on March 17!

First Congregational Church adopts our clients on December 24, 2016, and is also the host of the annual Homeless Persons Memorial Day on December 21 each year when we remember those who struggled with homelessness and are no longer with us. 

November 7, 2016 is adopted in memory of dedicated volunteer Fred Weisman. Pacific House thanks the Fred and Joan Weisman Fund.

Patricia Phillips honors her husband Robert by adopting July 15 in his name! Many thanks!

Mr. James Polansky's birthday on May 28 is being remembered by his daughter, DeAnne Calcaganini and husband James. His passing inspired friends to donate to help ensure May 28 and an additional day, May 29, are fully supported at Pacific House in Mr. Polansky's memory. 

Great birthday celebration: Pat Phillips adopts Pacific House on March 17! Happy Birthday Pat!

Peter Albano adopted September 15, 2015 in memory of David Mond who was an incredible friend to Pacific House

Sarah and Rachel Reid are honored by their loving father Andrew M. Reid with Pacific House being adopted on August 18, 2015

Jim Smith and Pam Kushmerick adopt August 5, 2015 in honor of their son Patrick. Thoughtful tribute.

Andrew M. Reid adopts July 19 in honor of daughters Sarah and Rachel. Awesome tribute to two amazing young women.

Jim Bosek pays Father's Day tribute to his Dad by helping support the shelter on June 22

April 16, 2015 is an adopted day by Congregational Church of New Canaan! We thank you!

April 9, 2015 is the day First Presbyterian Church Greenwich adopted to ensure clients are well cared for so they can get on their feet again. 

 Thank you Pat Phillips for sharing your birthday with Pacific House by adopting a day!

John LaRock generously supports Pacific House with his Adopt-a-Day donation in November 2014! 

Fred Weisman shares his birthday with Pacific House by adopting November 7, 2014 to ensure all clients have a safe, warm and caring environment on that day! Thank you!

Joan Connor in memory of Frank Connor's birthday on September 11

Thank you to Pam Kushmerick and Jim Smith for adopting August 5, 2014. The men at Pacific House will be sheltered and provided meals due to this generosity. 

Thank you Steven Fox for adopting the shelter on July 30, 2014. What a generous way to celebrate your birthday!!!

Andrew M. Reid

First Congregational Church of Stamford

GE Energy Finanacial Services

Joe Samuel

This Weisman's generous donation was given to commemorate Fred's birthday, and we appreciate their choosing to honor the shelter in this manner!

A big "thank you" to the Round Hill Community Church for their dedication!

Thanks to The Congregational Church of New Canaan for adopting a day!

Our thanks to Mrs. Joan Connor and her family for adopting a day at the shelter in honor of Francis J Connor.

Thanks to the congregants of First Presbyterian Church of Greenwich for supporting the shelter!